What You Need To Know

Sex Crime Information

Sex crimes range from rape to child molestation to prostitution to sexual abuse. When facing these types of accusations, it is imperative that you have a strong defense attorney on your side because even the hint of a sexual offense could ruin your reputation forever, even if you are proven innocent. At Eversole Law, LLC, we have years of experience in this area of law and understand how to best protect those who have been arrested or charged.

Penalties for Sex Crimes

The first thing you need to know is the specifics of the different types of sex crimes and what types of penalties could result from each. Child molestation is charged as rape and is any type of sexual contact or sexual intercourse with a minor who is under the age of 12. If someone is accused of child molestation, they could be placed in prison for up to ten years as well as charged up to $60,000. Another common type of sex crime involves child pornography. This could be possession, dissemination, production, or selling child pornography. Anyone who is convicted of knowingly possessing any child pornography will be guilty of a Class C felony. The prison time for a Class C felony is a minimum of 1 year and 1 day and no more than 10 years.

Indecent exposure is a misdemeanor and is defined as exposing one's genitals in public with the intention of offending those around them or for their own sexual gratification. Those convicted of indecent exposure could be facing up to a year in jail and a $6,000 fine. In Alabama, it is not only illegal to engage in prostitution, but to hire a prostitute as well. Any situations which include engaging in sexual activity for some type of compensation fall into the category of prostitution. As a Class A misdemeanor, the most serious type of misdemeanor, someone who is found guilty could be sent to jail for up to one year.

Statutory rape differs from child molestation in that even though the victim is under the age of consent, they are over the age of twelve. Another important element which sets statutory rape apart is that no force or violence has to be present. The individuals involved could have been in a dating relationship and the minor may have given their consent to engage in sexual intercourse, but in the eyes of the law, they are not able to give consent. In Alabama, this is charged as second degree rape and is a Class B felony. A Class B felony has a minimum prison sentence of 2 years but can increase to 20 years. If you have more questions about the penalties which can result from a specific crime, you can look through our website or contact our office.

Sex Offender Registry

One of the results of a sex crime conviction is having to permanently register as a sex offender. Even after the individual has completed their sentence, they will always have to supply their address to the government so that members of the public can be aware of the sex offenders in the area. Upon release from prison, they will have seven days in which to register with the sheriff's office where they will be living. This will have to be repeated once a year within seven days of their birthday. If the person violates any of the terms of their registration, they could be subject to further criminal charges. For example, if they failed to update their address, lived in too close a proximity to a school, worked somewhere there was likely to be children, or lived with a minor under the age of 12, they could be facing serious consequences. In order to avoid this from happening, it is in your best interests to have a member of our team on your side.