Statutory Rape

Alabama Statutory Rape Attorney

When an adult engages in sexual activity or intercourse with a minor, it is referred to as statutory rape. Defending someone against statutory rape is slightly more complex than defending someone against rape charges involving another adult. The law does not consider minors mature enough to give consent, which means that even if the minor consented to sex or sexual activity, the defendant can still be charged with statutory rape. Furthermore, statutory rape charges will also be filed against someone who thought they were engaging in intercourse with an adult, only to find out later that the victim was lying about his or her age.

Allegations of statutory rape are extremely serious. If you have been accused of statutory rape, it is crucial that you obtain experienced legal counsel right away. People accused of statutory rape tend to experience discrimination, ostracisms, and social backlash before they are even found guilty. Should the charges result in a conviction, a defendant will undoubtedly be sentenced to years in state or federal prison, thousands of dollars in fines, and mandatory registration as sex offender, possibly for life.

Defense Against Statutory Rape Charges

Eversole Law, LLC was established to provide aggressive defense to people of accused of serious sex crimes, such as statutory rape, in the state of Alabama. At Eversole Law, we believe in our clients, and are committed to providing a no-nonsense, no hold's bar defense against the charges at hand. When many people are quick to judge or make assumptions about our clients, we will stand by their side before, after, and during the criminal process. We are extremely focused in our pursuit of a fair trial, and will not give up fighting our clients' charges until a fair outcome has been achieved.

For dedicated and experienced representation, contact Alabama statutory rape attorney Steven Eversole if you or loved one has been accused of statutory rape.