Sex Crime Penalties

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Have you been accused of a sexual offense in Alabama? Under the Alabama Penal Code, there are certain sexual acts and behaviors which are illegal, such as prostitution, sodomy, and failure to register. Not only are these frightening accusations to be facing, but they could also result in heavy penalties. If you have found yourself in this situation and have questions regarding what the specific penalties you could be facing are, you should contact an Alabama sex crime attorney from my team or continue reading to get helpful information.

The specific penalties will vary depending on the nature of the offense you were charged with. First of all, depending on whether the offense was a misdemeanor or a felony, you could be put in county jail or state prison for years. Not only that, but you could be facing thousands of dollars in fines. As an example, the law allows for those convicted of child molestation to be fined up to $60,000. However, as life-changing as these penalties can be, the penalty with the most permanent consequences is placement on the sex offender registry. This public record will include the name, photograph, address, and details of the conviction.

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