Alabama Prostitution Defense Lawyer

Experienced Defense Against Prostitution Charges

Under Alabama's prostitution laws, it is illegal to perform or engage in any type of sexual activity in exchange for money or some other form of compensation. Prostitution charges will be filed against anyone who agrees or offers to engage in sexual activity for money-whether or not the parties actually engage in sex or sex acts is irrelevant.

If you have been arrested for prostitution, it is important to speak with an experienced Alabama sex crime attorney right away. Depending on the severity of your charges, you could be facing long-term imprisonment, step fines totaling thousands of dollars, and registration as a sex offender, possibly for life. At Eversole Law, LLC, we have experience defending clients against all types of prostitution crimes, including:

  • Hiring a prostitute
  • Working as a prostitute
  • Soliciting, compelling, or coercing another person to engage in prostitution
  • Cause or aid a person to commit or engage in prostitution
  • Procure or solicit patrons for prostitution
  • Provide a premises for the purpose of prostitution
  • Provide persons for the purpose of prostitution
  • Accept money or anything else of value made from prostitution
  • Operate a brothel, prostitution house, or prostitution enterprise

Contact Alabama Prostitution Attorney Steven Eversole

Many of these offenses warrant strict legal penalties, especially if children were involved. If you are facing prostitution charges in Birmingham, Montgomery, Columbiana, or anywhere else in Alabama, I urge you to contact my office right away. I am attorney Steven Eversole, and I have defended many clients against all types of prostitution crimes. I can review the charges and evidence being brought against you to see if your constitutional rights were violated or if a flaw exists with the prosecution's case-both which can be used to get your charges reduced to a lesser offense or dismissed completely. Helping you avoid a conviction that will remain on your permanent record and possibly destroy your reputation is my number one priority!

To learn more about the defense services offered at the firm, please contact Alabama prostitution lawyer Steven Eversole right away.