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At Eversole Law, LLC, we understand how much anxiety and fear any criminal charge can cause, let alone a sex crimes charge. Unlike other crimes, and many would say unfairly so, anyone who is convicted of a sex crime of any type has to register as a sex offender. This registration is public, forever, and follows you even if you move out of state. It is imperative if you have been charged with a sex crime that you retain a highly skilled and practiced Huntsville sex crimes defense attorney.

A good sex crimes defense attorney can get your charges dismissed, or at the very least have the charges reduced and the sentence lessened. The attorneys at our firm have defended clients from all sorts of sex offense charges; each year we handle hundreds of cases for crimes such as statutory rape, date rape, solicitation and prostitution, indecent exposure, solicitation of a minor, child pornography, child molestation, sexual abuse, exploitation, failure to register, and other sex offender registration violations. We know that charges can be brought falsely and that, while every person should be innocent until proven guilty, that often a jury will make up its mind after hearing the charge, not the evidence. That is why you need to take every step possible to protect your rights by hiring an aggressive sex crimes lawyer.

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A sex crimes conviction can ruin your life. Contact a Huntsville Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer to defend your case and protect your freedom.