Forcing A Child To Participate In the Production of Pornography

Alabama law makes it a serious offense to force a child to participate in the production of pornography. This type of charge frequently carries lifetime implications for individuals that can affect employment opportunities, education choices, and even restrict locations where that person can travel. This type of a charge is so significant that individuals faced with such an offense require the legal counsel of a top criminal defense attorney.

Alabama Law

Forcing a child in any way to participate in the production of pornography is considered a type of exploitation in the state of Alabama. Force is considered to occur when individuals in the state of Alabama who coerce, employ, encourage, facilitate, or induce an individual under the age of seventeen to engage in or assist others in sexual activity for a live performance or for the purpose of producing material that contains a visual depiction of this activity. Individuals should also be aware that federal charges can also result from such an offense. Individuals must note that forcing someone who is seventeen years old might not be considered the exploitation of a minor in regards to state law, but an individual can be charged for violating federal laws regarding the exploitation of such a minor for forcing an individual who is seventeen years old in any way into the creation pornography.

Defending A Charge

Individuals are frequently able to defend against these charges by arguing that law enforcement conducted an unconstitutional search and violated the rights of an individual. While individuals will likely face charges of exploitation, individuals might be able to argue that the individual was not aware that the actor in the pornography was under the age of seventeen. Individuals might be able to claim that constitutional rights were violated when law enforcement obtained evidence, which can be used to keep certain pieces out of a trial.

The Consequences of Such A Charge

Alabama law categories the exploitation of a minor as a Class A felony that can result in up to $60,000 in fines and a maximum of up to a year in prison.Being convicted of forcing a child to make pornography also means that an individual will have to register as a sex offender.

The Assistance Of An Alabama Criminal Defense Attorney

For many individuals who face charges concerning the exploitation of a minor, there is substantial social stigma that results from such a charge even when determined to be innocent of the offense. If you are charged with the exploitation of a minor, it is important to contact an experienced sex crimes attorney like Steve D. Eversole who understands the various issues surrounding these charges and how to reach the best potential results.