Birmingham Sex Offenders - Restrictions On Where An Individual May Work

There are many obstacles created by being charged with a sex offense. One of the hardest challenges that many individuals who are labeled as sex offenders face is finding suitable employment. There are some very important restrictions that individuals who have been labeled as sex offenders must know concerning employment in the state of Alabama. It is extremely important to be familiar with these information because failure to obey these laws can result in a number of significant penalties.

Applicable Alabama Law

Alabama law places several significant restrictions on employment involving individuals who have been convicted of sex crimes. These restrictions include:

  • Prohibited Companies. Individuals who are labeled as sex offenders are prohibited from applying to or accepting positions at any childcare facility, school, or any other business or organization that provides a service that is aimed primarily at children. ¬†Individuals frequently ask if it is illegal for a company to refuse to hire a sex offender. Alabama law prohibits companies that are primarily dedicated towards children from hiring sex offenders. These companies can face significant penalties for hiring a sex offender. In a rare number of circumstances a company might not be able to legally refuse to hire a sex offender, but this type of determination frequently requires the assessment of an experienced sex crimes attorney.
  • Prohibited Schools And Childcare Facilities. Individuals who are labeled as sex offenders are also prohibited from applying or accepting employment at a location that is within 2,000 feet of the property on which a school or childcare facility is located.
  • Changes To An Area Once An Individual Has Commenced Employment. Changes to properties that are located within 2,000 feet of a sex offender's place of employment after the individual has begun working there does not constitute a violation. These distances are measured from the start of one property line to the other property line.
  • Prohibited Recreational Areas. Another requirement of Alabama law is that an individual labeled as a sex offender does not apply for or accept a position within five hundred feet of an athletic facility, playground, or park.


An individual who is penalized with violating these employment related laws will be treated as having committed a Class C felony that can result in no less than one year and one day and no more than ten years in prison. Individuals convicted of such a charge also face up to $15,000 in fines. The resulting penalties are even more significant for repeat offenders.

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