Aiding A Prostitute Charges

Prostitution often involves more than just two individuals. There are many individuals who profit from prostitution but do not directly engage in the exchange of sex for something of value. In order to penalize individuals who manage or supervise individuals engaged in prostitution,

Alabama Law About Aiding A Prostitute

Alabama law prohibits a person from causing or aiding an individual in committing the act of prostitution. There is no requirement that an individual must receive money from the prostitution of another in order to be convicted of this offense. Some of the various ways in which an individual can cause or aid the prostitution of another are:

  • Repeated communication with the prostitute.
  • Monitoring the prostitute from a short distance.
  • Attempting to generate the interest of others in the prostitute. Sometimes an individual might ask others to meet with the prostitute or advertising the availability of a prostitute to others. Other times, an individual might stop drivers or pedestrians with intention of prostituting the individual.
  • Receiving money or valuable items from another individual who is engaging in prostitution.

Penalties For Aiding A Prostitute

Individuals who are charged with aiding a prostitute face potential penalties of up to one year in jail and fine of up to six thousand dollars.

Potential Defenses

There are several available defenses for individuals who are charged with aiding a prostitute. The basis of aiding a prostitute revolves around demonstrating intent so many of these defenses attempt to argue that an individual had no intent to cause such activity or was not aware that such activity was occurring.

    • Mistake Of Fact. Mistake of fact occurs when an individual aids or assists prostitution unknowingly. For example, an individual might receive money from an individual without being aware that this money was generated through acts of prostitution. With this type of defense, a court of law will analyze whether a reasonable person would have made the same mistake.
    • Credible Explanation. Other times, an individual might argue that the individual had a credible explanation for the individual's behavior besides aiding prostitution. Individuals who do not have a criminal record involving prostitution or similar activities frequently have an easier time arguing for lack of intent than individuals who do have such a criminal record.
  • Entrapment. When law enforcement directly causes an individual to engage in illegal activity, the defense of entrapment might exist. For example, law enforcement might coerce an individual into helping someone engage in the act of prostitution. An entrapment charge requires the assistance of a strong criminal defense attorney.

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